Center Stage: Sister Margaret Farrell Hears the Cry of Those in Need

For our first Center Stage article we wanted to highlight Sister Margaret Farrell who does incredible work in Southern California through the Covenant House and her Matthew 25 project among other amazing work.

Father Ken wrote about her saying:

“Sr. Margaret is one of a kind. I have known her for years and I have ALWAYS been impressed at her natural disposition to care and to care for those in need. She works with runaway teens on the streets of Hollywood, an orphanage in Tijuana, and collecting food for her own hands-on food bank specifically for anyone and everyone who comes to her in need. Sr. Margaret is so delightfully different, which you know I love! While we Baby Boomer Catholics were taught about ‘trying to get to heaven,’ we work with people ‘trying to get to Tuesday.’ Her affirmations and validations are from the poorest of the poor which takes a top of the ladder place in spiritual and religious needs. Recently she wrote to us about one of the current needs that we, the donors of Father Ken’s Vineyard, were able to help her with.”

She writes:

“A woman I work with is deaf. She suffered through a childhood of neglect and abuse by her parents who were both drug addicts. They both died when she was 12. She was raped by a family member when she was 14 and gave birth to a baby girl who is now being raised by a cousin. After that, she went through a long period of depression, but she got herself out of it and is making very good progress until her hearing aid broke. It was like turning off a switch. Of course it’s not covered by insurance. We tried various places for help, but it was not possible. Finally, we got her hearing aid fixed through help from Father Ken’s Vineyard. It took us awhile as they cost a lot, but it has given her back her key to independence and her ability to live a normal life.

Thank you to all of you who made this possible. You saved a young woman’s life.”

Father Ken continued: “She saved a life. WE saved a life through her. Sr. Margaret is one of the many unknown, bottom of the flow chart heroes of our Faith. She saved MY life! It seemed like a small gesture, but when you multiply one small gesture by 1,000 a day, a week, a year…there is no such thing as a small gift. Sr. Margaret shows me that every gift is something that is not earned, never expected, nor something we are entitled to…but is as huge a miracle as curing the blind or parting the Red Sea.”

It is an honor to serve Sr. Margaret as she serves up the love of God daily to those in need.

Thank you to all of you who have helped support the Vineyard. You make it possible for us to continue to support people like Sr. Margaret Farrell. If you would like to contribute to the Vineyard you can do so here.

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