November Planning

Happy November!

For me, November means two things. Giving thanks for all the blessings I have received, and sharing those blessings during my annual Thanksgiving trip to Haiti.

But as you know, my dear Haiti is troubled. Even leaving out the political and sociological problems, location-wise Haiti has been in the way of all types of fierce natural disasters. Though earthquakes have devastated the country over the last decade, the recent spate of tropical storms and hurricanes has caused the destruction of many sources of electricity, food, and water for the country.

So I consider us blessed that our friends at the Institut Montfort have newer structures that house the 300 plus deaf and mute children providing them with shelter that has held up to these recent disasters.

Our most recent project was a dormitory for the kids. But while the structure is complete, we haven’t yet outfitted it with the necessities: furniture, linens, a water purification system, and electricity. Coupling these expenses with the ongoing need for food and upkeep and the Institut has been set back in their goal to finish outfitting the dormitories this year.

But that’s where we come in. Whether its a donation of $5 or a donation of $5,000, you can be sure that 100% of the funds we raise in November are going to be going towards our friends in Haiti. I’ll be flying them in myself. No overhead, no B.S. Just direct help for our friends. My goal is to raise $60,000 which would pay for the electricity and water purification that our friends so badly need along with all of the extras that may come up. Will you help?

Despite these immense challenges, our friends at the Institut Montfort have been thriving. The kids are excelling academically and with the projects that they take on. The Institut celebrated a 100% pass rate on the final exam that certifies that secondary school students are ready to enter university. And outside of academics, whether it be wood carving, farming, furniture making, weaving, computer skills, or learning American sign language, every child has the chance to take on new skills and work towards improving their lot in life. This is in a country where a physical or mental handicap used to mean you were limited to begging. But the Institut Montfort has a goal to keep that from being the only option left. And I am so happy to go back. I’m leaving in three weeks to bring the Fun of Christ! When I’m there we’ll pray, but we’ll also dance, play sports, color, throw water balloons, work on wood and other art projects, and my favorite: have some ice cream! I’ll even cook for the sisters and staff.

Any size donation goes a long way towards us reaching our goal and 100% of it will be going directly to improving the lives of the children and staff at the Institut Montfort. Thank you for donating and thank you also to everyone who has been sharing our story and raising some love on their own for Haiti among their family and friends. Just tell the story and the rest will follow!

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