New FKV Features

As Father Ken’s retirement plans swing into action, there will be a few new features which will appear on a regular basis:

Center Stage” will contain tales from Workers in The Vineyard; those entrusted with Vineyard funds to assist those in our communities who lack resources, food, shelter, freedom, and other basic human needs. Currently, FKV provides resources for four members of religious orders in the greater Los Angeles area as well as for Father Ken on his ministries around the county. These five people will provide information about their work, what type of needs they have and how they can be addressed. We will expand Center Stage as we receive information from other recipients of FKV funds, such as various priests and seminarians in Africa and the people they serve, and those who teach and minister to the deaf-mute children at Institut Montfort in Haiti.

Lynn Knox with kids in Haiti

On the Road with Fr. Ken” will be an opportunity to travel with Fr. Ken, far and near. The first road trip is to Santos, Haiti, for the Thanksgiving holiday, later this year. Fr. Ken usually goes at this time of year; this will be his 15th trip since the devastating earthquake in January, 2010 leveled the original Institut Montfort and caused the death of 6 nuns of the Daughters of Wisdom. Chris and Lynn Knox accompanied Fr. Ken in November, 2015. You can read the account of Lynn Knox here.

If you are interested in Haiti, please connect with Father Ken by sending an email to as there are some specific instructions he can provide, in addition to making sure your Passport is up to date.

The second road trip is a 4 day, 3 night Carnival Cruise from Long Beach to Ensenada from February 8 to 11, 2019. Email or call (408) 499-2159 for more information. 20 of Fr. Ken’s friends have already signed up and he is looking forward to seeing many of you there.

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