Father Ken Deasy is currently assigned to St. Clement’s parish in Santa Monica, CA.

St. Clement Catholic Church
3102 Third Street
Santa Monica, Ca 90405

(310) 396-2679

This is Father Ken’s official residence but as many of his supporters know, Father Ken is never in one place for longer than a couple of hours. He does get his mail at St. Clement’s and you can write him there if you have a message for him.The principal place of business for Father Ken’s Vineyard, Inc. as reflected with the California Secretary of State, the Internal Revenue Service and the California Franchise Tax Board is

PO Box 1339, Santa Clara, CA

This is the mailing address for our corporate Treasurer and legal counsel, Kathleen Wright. If a physical address is required, it is Kathleen’s home office, also the official address for the


Agent for Service of Process:
766 S. 12th Street, San Jose, CA 95112

As of November, 2015, Father Ken’s Vineyard is barely a year old and please check back here from time to time. As the organization grows, we may have different contact information.