Father Ken Makes a Joyful Noise with Students

Nthare Students
Nthare Students

In Nthare, at St. Vincent School, Father Ken does what he does best, gets “into the Spirit” with the beautiful children.

Fr Linus and students
Fr Linus and students

The pictures show the current classrooms.  The school wish list includes a new building with 10 rooms….3 kinder and 1-7. Plan is to add more classrooms made of corrugated steel and cement flooring.

Stay tuned to more installments of Fr. Ken’s Africa adventures.



April 6th, 2016

“We did it!”  Those were the first words in an email from Father Ken after he was picked up in Nairobi by Father Linus in a 2008 Honda CVR.

Fathers Linus and Ken Looking Pleased
Fathers Linus and Ken Looking Pleased

The car was christened “Boxing Cat” in honor of one of the donors who contributed a significant amount toward the purchase of the 2008 Honda CRV for use by Fr. Linus in his work in Meru state, Nairobi.  As you may have read on this website, Fr. Linus serves 12 outstations in the countryside and needed a heavy-duty vehicle.  And he found one.

Here’s the backstory:  Kenya is notorious for applying huge taxes, customs and duty on new cars.  Most people cannot and do not want to pay those extra prices (almost 30% more than retail). In Mombasa (a port in the southeast of Kenya) are used cars exported by Japan to dealers for resale.  Fr. Linus needed to go to Mombasa for the best price and to save at least US $2,500.  It is 8 hours to Nairobi from Nthare, and another 6 hours to Mombasa.

After the last Mass on Easter Sunday, Fr. Linus took the scooter up the hills to Maua Town, hopped on a packed van to Nairobi, and traveled in another stuffy and smelly van to Mombasa.  14 hours later, exhausted from the Holy Week/ Easter services and the travel, he arrived in Mombasa.  Fr. Linus shopped ALL the dealerships…by foot.  He is an amazing guy.

Boxing Cat 1
A much smoother ride that the scooter!

He decided on a Honda 2008 CVR, 104,000 miles and the car speaks and reads Japanese.  Since neither of the Fathers speaks or understands Japanese, it was very funny. Father Ken enthuses, “It’s a great car and THANK GOD FOR IT.”

After an additional $2,500 for an insurance policy, licensing, and other necessary items, like a tank of gas, Fr. Linus drove from Mombasa to Nairobi to pick up Fr. Ken at the Consolata Philosophicum Missionary Seminary where Fr. Ken was visiting with the 15 seminarians there.  Father Ken promises, “A hundred stories right there!”

Boxing Cat 2
Honda CRV aka Boxing Cat

Fr. Linus has 12 outstations outside of his main parish church, St. Vincent de Paul, which also houses the grammar school.  With Fr. Benedict, his young associate pastor, they do so much more than “what is taught in the seminary”.  Fr. Linus and Fr. Benedict built a school, tend the parish crops and the livestock, run a medical clinic, worry about water for the crops and about the people who line up EVERY MORNING for a quarter mile to the fence to get a bucket (formerly used for grease) filled with water that will need to be boiled.  Boxing Cat will make all these tasks a bit easier as it is a reliable vehicle and takes one at least one item off the “worry list.”

You, the Grapes of the Vineyard, are the ones who made this possible.


April 2, 2016

fatherken seminarians
Father Ken with the Seminarians

This is one of the first stops in Kenya after Father Ken was retrieved in Nairobi by Fr. Linus in Boxing Cat, the new Honda CVR.

Father Ken brought his special brand of joy and grace to the South Sudanese seminarians who are engaged in studies at Consolata Philosophicum Seminary outside Nairobi.

Because of the generosity of the many Grapes in the Vineyard, Father Ken was able to give each of the 15 seminarians (pictured here) US $100 (a total of $1,500) to purchase paper, make photo copies of class materials, buy shoes and other supplies.

Father Ken says the seminarians have only the clothes on their backs, not much else.    Ken been their first visitor, which is both exhilarating and sad.  The seminarians are away from their South Sudanese families and even though it is a relatively short distance in miles, the roads are difficult, and there is no money for transportation.  You can probably imagine how excited these young men are to have a visit from Father Ken.

Father Ken reports, “These are great guys. Their hearts are totally in the right place and they know full well the tough road they have ahead as priests.”

He also shares “Of course, they want me to be their seminary formatter.  Yeah!  RIGHT!

Talk about a New Reformation!!!!”

One can only assume that a seminary formatter means someone who puts together the curriculum, the course outlines and conducts the examinations.  For those of us who know Father Ken from his grammar school days, this might be a challenging path!  But we can be assured that the classroom would be a very interesting place.

Next stop, Nthare, in the state of Meru, and St. Francis School.


March 29, 2016

(Per email from Fr. Ken Deasy at 11:29 PM GMT+3, which is +10 hours from PDT)

Map of Kenya, showing Mombasa, Nairobi and Meru

HELLO, everyone. Hope you all had an awesome Easter.  Mine was. Really, really nice and peaceful.

1) Arrived safely in Kenya. Karibu!

Kenya Mother's Day Mass 2013
Mother’s Day Mass, Nthare, Kenya 2013

2) Fr. Linus purchased the vehicle in Mombasa, Kenya (about 250 miles south east of Nairobi and port city in Kenya) and is presently en route to Nairobi to pick me up.

3) Then we travel to the Consolota Philosophicum (i.e., THE SEMINARY) to visit with the seminarians from South Sudan.

4) After blessing the vehicle, I’m off with Fr. Linus in the NEW VEHICLE to Nthare, Meru, Kenya.  (Hope to have pictures to share soon!)

LET US PRAY, for all the blessings you have brought to these wonderful people and for my productive journey here in Africa.

Father Ken on His Way to Kenya and Uganda

There he goes, our spiritual super hero.


Reports coming as Father Ken checks in with stories and pictures.

— Help on way for some fleeing South Sudan —

Haiti 2015 Writing Down Names and Shoe Sizes
Fr. Ken trying to get shoe sizes of students during Africa travels.

In the wake of his recent successful trip to Haiti in November, 2015, Father Ken Deasy will travel to Uganda and Kenya in late March, 2016.

Father Ken is setting his sights on assisting the colleagues he has met over the years who have been displaced by the recent civil unrest in South Sudan.

Frisbee in Haiti 2015
Fr. Ken playing Frisbee – South Sudan.

Per Father Ken, here are his top three priorities:

1. South Sudan seminarians in Nairobi, Kenya
2. South Sudan refugees in Kampala, Uganda
3. Purchasing a jeep for Fr. Linus in Ntharen, Kenya

In his own words to the Father Ken’s Vineyard Board: “Here we go again as I’m asking for your help in helping me promote my campaign and subsequent trip to small portions of our Vineyard in Uganda and Kenya. Maybe we call it: ‘A Lenten – Easter – Spring Promotion.’”

Might you consider including in your Lenten commitments a donation for Father Ken Deasy’s upcoming mission to Uganda and Kenya?

FKV gratefully accepts checks and credit cards (via PayPal).

Donate Now

For stock gifts, please call or email our Treasurer and fundraising guru: Kathleen Wright at kathleen@fatherken.org and 408.499.2159.

RIP Jeep

This is the kind of thing the Jeep had to do every day. Understandable why it is no longer with us.

March 9, 2016

An email to Father Ken from his fellow priest and friend in Kenya, Fr. Linus

Hello My Friend,

Kenya 2God is good. Hope all is well. Can’t wait to see you again. Welcome to Nthare. I would love to meet you at the Airport and welcome you to Kenya. You know of the traffic. I need two days to travel; one to move to Meru and 2) to relax from the ordeal of these roads then I can take a bus to the airport.

Don’t be afraid of the ride back. From Meru it will be a real missionary experience. A pair of walking shoes will help. Some places you have to get off the bike and walk over the big rocks. This time no jeep to help you do. I can imagine you leaving the comfort of LA and coming to show us love. Don’t forget to carry mosquito repellent to avoid the bites. Looking forward to seeing you. Welcome.

Your good friend in Jesus Christ, Linus



South Sudanese Seminarian Asks For Help

March 9, 2016

15 seminarians from South Sudan are studying in Nairobi, Kenya.  Father Ken received an email from one of them, printed here below exactly as sent, but omitting his name so as not to compromise his identity.  The seminarians know Father Ken will be traveling to Africa, with Kenya on his itinerary.


Dear Fr. Kenneth,

Cordial greetings to you, I hope you are fine.

I am (one of the) seminarians, currently in Nairobi.

I would like to make my appeal to you that I am running shortage of school materials like photocopying course works, printing term papers, ream of papers and other necessities like soap, tooth paste, shoe cream, body cream and so on.

Life here in Nairobi Fr. is very expensive, if the Fr. can help me really it will be good, since you are also coming here, we shall share the more.


Father Ken hopes to bring sufficient funds to buy supplies for all the seminarians so they may continue their studies.  Below is one of young men now in Nairobi.  None of the seminarians may return to South Sudan at the present time because of the civil unrest and lack of security.

Nairobi-Kenya seminarin 2016-03