Who is Father Ken?

Father Kenneth Deasy is a native Californian, raised in a Los Angeles suburb and ordained as a Roman Catholic Priest in 1987. Father Ken has served in numerous parishes in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, including St. Agatha in West Los Angeles and St. Clement in Santa Monica. He was also the Director of the Holy Childhood Association for the Los Angeles Archdiocese, also known as the Missionary Childhood Association from 2008 to 2012. This Association is for the benefit of foreign missions. It was here where Father Ken’s knowledge and mission to support children in foreign countries arose from.

What does the Vineyard represent?

Father Ken’s Vineyard, Inc. is a California nonprofit corporation, exempt from taxation under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). The corporation was formed on October 14, 2014, by a group of Father Ken’s grammar school classmates from St. Bede’s Parish in La Canada, CA. These classmates wanted to create a legacy of Father Ken’s work and provide a vehicle for themselves and others to make tax-exempt donations in support of Father Ken’s mission.

How can I help?

Father Ken has projects which need support in the form of money and prayer.
The Vineyard accepts checks and online payments via PayPal. See the Donate tab at the top right hand corner of each page of this website. A one-time gift, a repeat monthly gift, matched funds from an employer – Father Ken’s Vineyard gratefully appreciates every one.
As for prayer, it always works, No prayer goes unanswered. We may not always get the answer we are expecting, but God always provides what is needed.

I can’t donate any money right now. Can I still help in some other way?

In addition to your thoughts and prayers, you can help by spreading the good news of Father Ken’s Vineyard. Sign up for our email newsletter (top of each page of this website) and like our Facebook page (click on the Facebook symbol at lower right hand corner of each page). Forward our emails to your friends and read the FKV blog and forward that as well. We have postcards which briefly explain Father Ken’s mission and you can mail those to your family and friends.  Email Grapes@FatherKen.org to obtain a supply of postcards.
Supporters can also help us raise money and awareness at a house party or backyard barbeque. These parties are organized by our supporters and often are set up with matching fund promises. In certain instances Father Ken will be able to attend and speak at these gatherings if his schedule permits.

When can I hear Father Ken speak?

A calendar of upcoming events is located on the Home Page and is updated regularly. Father Ken rotates celebrating Sunday Mass and we will use our best efforts to post the locations in advance. If you want to book Father Ken for a speaking event, please contact him at: Ken@FatherKen.org
We also hope to have podcasts of some of Father Ken’s sermons and selected speaking engagements. Again, stay tuned for an announcement of availability on the website.

Where can I get updates on Father Ken’s activities, including his trips out of the country?

The Home Page of this website has a calendar that is updated weekly.

Where can I sign on to get updates?

You can sign up for our email newsletter at the top of each page of this website and get to our Facebook location on the bottom right-hand corner of the each page.

What if I have items I think Father Ken’s Vineyard can use, such as computers, clothing, shoes and school supplies?

While we appreciate you thinking of Father Ken’s Vineyard, it is an unusual circumstance where we can accept actual goods of any kind. We do not have any storage facilities, nor do we the ability to clean and sort items. If these are items needed for Haiti or Africa, we try to purchase these in the country itself. Two reasons: 1) transportation is very expensive and there is uncertainty the items will get to the intended destination; and 2) it is important to support the economy of the country where we are providing assistance.

Some suggestions:

  • Hold a garage or yard sale for the items and donate the money received
  • Deliver your items to St. Vincent de Paul, Goodwill or Salvation Army, which are organizations with resources to clean, sort and store, and which help local communities.

If you think you have access to items that FKV cannot live without, please email us at Grapes@FatherKen.org.