Center Stage: Sr. Kathleen Bryant helps the trafficked to begin again

Father Ken’s Vineyard is highlighting the people and organizations doing amazing work that we support around the world.

Today’s Center Stage Article is on Sister Kathleen Bryant, or Sr. Kathy as she likes to be called, a well-known and powerful speaker, motivator, and advocate for those in need.

Father Ken writes about Sr. Kathy, saying:

“Sr. Kathy is an RSC, a Religious Sister of Charity, and she embodies the meaning of each of those words: religious, sister, and charity. She is so full of the missionary and Christian spirit and has been an educator and missionary in Africa along with the first female Vocational Co-Director for priest candidates to the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. She has held many workshops ranging from how to discern life values, talents, and direction to how to see Christ in our present. Her work helping recovery efforts for those affected by human trafficking is inspiring.”

Sister Kathy wrote to us to highlight a recent story about someone deeply affected by human trafficking. The tale is both heartbreaking and hopeful:

“A woman who escaped from a wealthy home where she was used in labor trafficking is returning to her home country next month. She plans to start a small business to support her three children and in-laws. Her husband died the day she escaped from her traffickers, but Father Ken’s Vineyard has helped her to begin again.

Whether it’s money for food, clothing, education, or therapy, I am so grateful to The Vineyard for providing funds that help to assist the most needy, especially those who are often invisible. Thank you for enabling me to meet the situations I encounter with some financial assistance for those who need it so much more than we will ever know.

This young woman is trying to pull her life together and The Vineyard has helped her to start that process. Now she wants to meet other survivors and share her story. You’ve helped give her that opportunity.”

Your donation to Father Ken’s Vineyard makes it possible for us to continue to support people like Sister Kathy Bryant as she works with women locally and globally who have been harmed by the scourge of human trafficking. If you would like to contribute to the Vineyard you can do so on our website here.

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