Center Stage: Sisters help the students of Montfort get an A+

Father Ken’s Vineyard is highlighting the people and organizations doing amazing work that we support around the world.

Today’s Center Stage article is on Maryse Haig and Sister Mona Haig who work constantly to support the students at Institut Montfort in Haiti. Maryse recently reached out to us to let us know that for the second year in a row, 100% of the students at Institut Montfort passed the Philo exam, a final state exam given to secondary school students in Haiti to certify that they are ready to enter university.

Father Ken writes about this achievement saying:

“This is wonderful news coming from our friends at Institut Montfort. Father Ken’s Vineyard has helped support the Institut since the 7.0 earthquake in 2010, which devastated the country and destroyed the school, then located in Port au Prince. Maryse Haig has been a tireless worker with Friends of Montfort, a group of expatriate Haitians and friends, both in New York and across the United States, who promote the needs of the approximately 300 deaf, mute, and emotionally disabled children in Haiti learning at the Institut. About 230 of the children live in the dormitories at the school. Now that we have completed the emergency rebuilding in Santos, an area 20 miles from Port au Prince, the focus is on program development, educational and food assistance, and bringing in qualified specialized instructors for the hearing impaired. Friends of Montfort were the conduit for the 230 pairs of athletic shoes and socks The Vineyard sent in August 2016. I stay in touch by heading to Institut Montfort every Thanksgiving. My biggest joy is playing with the kids and seeing them smile. You might think they cannot laugh, but many make the happiest sounds. Come with me this Thanksgiving! It will be the best Thanksgiving you have ever spent.”

Maryse Haig wrote about the exam and what it means:

“The Philo exam is similar to the SAT here in America, and it includes testing on French literature, Haitian literature, English, math, chemistry, and physics. 100% of the students passing means that every student has a chance at attending university. This is the second year that the Montfort students have passed with a 100% rate, meaning they outperformed schools around the country who do not have hearing-impaired students. The incredible teachers and students work so hard.”

We are honored to serve the children at Institut Montfort in any way we can and send our warmest congratulations to them on this amazing achievement.

Thank you also to any of you who have helped to support the Vineyard. Your donation to Father Ken’s Vineyard makes it possible for us to continue to support people like Maryse Haig and Sr. Mona Haig and her students and Friends of Montfort as they help to empower the next generation. If you would like to contribute, you can do so on our website here.

P.S. If you are in the New York area, the Friends of Montfort are hosting a 5k walk/run fundraiser on September 30th. You can find more info and signup here.

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