Father Ken Deasy’s Current Ministries

Father Ken has a lot going on, and he wanted us to send out an update to his supporters on each of his many current ministries. In Southern California, Father Ken has focused on the greater Los Angeles area, primarily … Continued

Hello From Kabul

We have received word from Father George Horan, a Diocesan priest and friend of Father Ken’s. Father George created a program at Symlar Juvenile Facility for restorative justice. The program seeks to heal the work by using a “hands-on popular … Continued

Special Intercessions

As we continue to look for ways to do good in the world and dedicate this year to service, I wanted to reach out to highlight some people who need our help and prayers. Last week during my sermon, I … Continued

Bringing assistance to those who need it most

As many of you know, our friends in South Sudan have been in need of urgent support due to the escalating military confrontation and refugee crisis in the country. Father Ken visited the country and the Catholic Diocese of Tombura-Yambio … Continued

Urgent Support Is Needed In South Sudan

Please read an update from our friends at the Catholic diocese of Tombura-Yambio in South Sudan here. You can donate to Father Ken’s Vineyard and specify your donation to support our friends in South Sudan on our website here. Pictures … Continued

Wow! Largest Gift Ever to The Vineyard

DONOR MAKES STOCK GIFT Father Ken’s Vineyard is so pleased to receive the news that a very generous donor has contributed shares in a publicly traded company for the benefit of Vineyard programs. Mike S. notified us that he was … Continued

The Shoes Arrive!

SHOES, LOTS OF SHOES Athletic shoes finally arrived at Institut Montfort in Santo, Haiti. In a logistical feat, the shoes and socks were delivered to a staging area in Merrick, New York, the home of Michelle Netus, one of the … Continued

Clean Water Means Life in Haiti

SHORT AND REAL I’m going back to Haiti…an unexpected trip. I am returning to Haiti for Thanksgiving (unexpected as I was just there in September, but that was before Hurricane Matthew). Though all the kids on the Farm are safe, … Continued