An Advent Message


Father Ken recently returned from his most recent trip to Haiti and brought back stories of hope, grace, and love – perfect for this Advent season.

Father Ken had the hope that the school and convent would rise again. He brought to this Haitian Vineyard our monetary support and encouragement. Thanks to donations from our generous FKV donors and students from Bishop Montgomery High School, Fr. Ken was able to take 50 pounds of school supplies, 60 new hearing aids, 75 caps and visors, and 25 pounds of Christmas decorations to the Institut Montfort on his recent trip.

And the love that Father Ken has for the Institut, the country, and its people is unmistakable and keeps him coming back whenever he can.

Fr. Ken wanted to pass on his incredible thanks to everyone who has helped these amazing students over the past ten years. Kids at the school are being taught American Sign Language, sports, art, athletics, sewing, and manufacturing along with their general education.

As we prepare for the coming of Jesus during this time of Advent, it is important to also take stock of all the ways we can help to make the way for the Lord. One way to create a better world is by helping those in need. By supporting the least among us, you too can help to bring hope, grace, and love into the world. With that in mind, Father Ken’s Vineyard is setting up an Advent Calendar of Giving. Sign up for a recurring monthly donation or choose a donation amount to support one of our special projects and help support Father Ken’s ministries.

In this giving season, it is important to look beyond material things and towards what we can give to those who are in need. Here are just a few donation amounts and how they will help:

$20 – 12 baby chicks that will grow up to produce fresh eggs for students in Haiti

$35 – School uniform for a child in Kenya

$50 – Uzima water filtration system for two families

$100 – Monthly Transit Access Pass in L.A. County for commuting costs of ex-offenders

$1000 – Trauma counseling and education for refugees in South Sudan

We wanted to thank you for helping us to make the season a little brighter for those in need.

Prepare the Way of the Lord!

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