Father Ken’s Vineyard provides physical and spiritual care to communities in urgent need, whether they are local to Los Angeles County, struggling in earthquake ravaged Haiti, or hanging on to life in troubled regions of Africa. These far flung locales share little beyond acute need and the attention of a single cleric.

A parish priest for 28 years, Fr. Ken Deasy found himself “leaning into” prison ministry for juveniles, compassion for an orphanage in Tijuana, feeding the homeless, learning “community organizing” for the inner city, helping kids who can’t pay their tuitions and replicating the mission in Africa, Haiti and beyond. This evolving global vision — rooted in building support systems on a local level — compelled a group of his friends from his grammar school days, his parishioners and other supporters to organize a nonprofit group to provide ongoing support.

Committed to sustainable solutions and development of local resources, Father Ken has worked for decades to bring safe housing, education and clean water to places in desperate need. Along the way, he has nurtured a growing network of “planters and harvesters.” Here is an opportunity to join us.

Father Ken’s work includes:

  • Caring for mentally ill young people from the streets of Los Angeles.
  • Support for the incarcerated and their families
  • Restoring a school for blind and deaf orphans in Haiti
  • Bringing support to HIV-affected families in Uganda.
  • Working with communities in South Sudan to find reliable water and other sustaining resources.

Often funds go to local vendors for construction supplies to build housing, schoolrooms and water systems. Supporting local economies is critical to increasing the functional ability and independence of these desperately poor areas.

As supporters of this work, Father Ken’s Vineyard members are committed to helping him spread not only his compassionate message of love, but also bring essentials such as shoes, clothing, books, school and medical supplies to people in need.

We welcome any level of support that you are able to give.